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  • VEP Crashes when saving plug-in preset

    I have created a preset in Nomad Factory's Studio Channel SC-226. When I try to save it, VEP crashes. I click on "Presets...", choose "Save Preset", type the name I've given the preset in the "Save As" field, click on "Save", and VEP crashes every time. Any idea why? Any idea how I can successfully save and then call up a User Preset for this module in VEP without crashing? I am running Pro Tools 9.0.3 on a Mac Pro Dual Quad 3.2gHz machine with 18g ram; OSX 10.6.8. VEP v4.1.8008 Thank you for any assistance.

  • Any thoughts about updating Pro Tools?


  • My thoughts would be this, Mr. DG: Pro Tools should not be updated to 9.0.5 until all the beta testing has been done by brave souls who do not have clients that need to be served in a timely manner. I am among many others when I recommend that users stay with OSX 10.6.8 and PT 9.0.3. I doubt very seriously that the problem I'm having (VEP crashes every time I try to save a preset in Nomad Factory's SC226 plugin) has anything at all to do with the version of Pro Tools I'm running. I appreciate your trying to help. Thank you.