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  • My soundtrack composed with VSL

    Dear VSL users,

    Here is a link for my last collaboration in a film " OVNIvores"  , The soundtrack is on seven movements :

    main title - the meeting - won't you believe ? - approaching the stones - reconstructing the totem - the light - end titles, end cast .

    I wish you like to listen to it as well I liked to compose it .[;)]

    György G.

  • Hello,

    those tracks sound great ! It Would be even better to see the music with the movie. They really give an special atmosphere and I really think they can add a lot to the pictures (the movie).

    Especially " the light"  is a great track. And of course " wont you believe" .

    Good luck with the music and the movie !! Sounds fantastic :-)


  • Hello Remco
    Thank You very much for your kind comments regarding my music ,the trailer should be online by the end of summer.
    I have collaborated with the same dirctor on other movies, the trailers are on youtube as well as some other concerts works :

    Ami de jamais and Esprits de famille were composed with an early sample collection...

    Again, thank you and I am looking forward to hear your well crafted scores.

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