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  • Vienna Instruments PRO 2.0 Release date?

    Okay, I may sound really impatient and I haven't posted anything for a while now but... When does the update come out? The SSD loading feature is really interesting for my situation at the moment.

  • Hello Intero, 

    We are doing our best to release VI PRO 2 in october. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    I am also very interested about this feature. [;)]

    How will you it setup, is it going to be VSL that will determine the buffer size depending of the read spead or will it be to the user to "trial and error" it



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  • Thanks for the fast reply, Paul. I thought it would come out this summer but hey, it is better to take one's time to make something complete instead of taking less and completing only the half of it (or just filled with a lot of bugs).