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  • [solved] special edition(dvd): no sound on 2nd computer (macbook pro)

    Hi, i worked with vienna special edition(DVD) on a mac mini(logic express 8), the instrument sounds(special edidtion 100) i located on a external drive (lacie). Now i put the vse and logic express via "migration assistant" to a macbook pro (spring 2011): but i cant hear or play with the vse sounds. Logic express sounds i can hear and play. even if i put the vse instruments to the macbook pro (and search them in the directory manager with "rescan existing"-message: sucessful) i cant hear the sounds. Whats the problem? With my mac mini i can work normally. Thanks for your support Jürgen Update: it works-dont know why!!

  • Hi Jürgen,

    I'm glad to hear that you've solved this problem on your own. Thanks also for letting us know that it works now. :-)