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  • English Horn "Grace Notes" confusion. . .

    Hi folks! 

    Okay forgive my stupid, uneducated perspective on this.

    So, i have had Orch Strings 1 & 2 for a few years, and among the articulations are Grace Notes. In these strings, the grace notes seem to be single notes which start and "rise up" (or down) from a half step to the target note. I've had much success integrating this with portamentos & legatos to create nice nuances on the beginning parts of certain musical phrases ive composed.

    okay fine.

    So then, just a month ago i purchased the full download version of English Horn 1 (Std + Ext libraries) and noticed this sample set also has grace notes. However, it seems to be an enitrely different usage of said notes.

    To my stupid, untrained ear, these woodwind grace notes sound as if its just a secondary set of Legato transitions. Where as with the strings  - for example -- when i loaded a Violin Grace note, when i played a key, it would rise UP (or down) to a target note (from half or whole step), these English Horn Grace Notes do not act at all in the same fashion.

    Obviously when i A/B them with Legato or Marcot Interval Patches, it DOES sound different, but it is NOTHING at all like the behavior of the STRINGS' "grace note" patches.

    So what am i missing? Does the term "Grace Note" apply MUCH differently depending of whether it is a String or a Reed instrument?

    Mind you, im not complaining about my purchase... im just confused as to how to USE this different articulation...

    Thanks in advance!

    - michael

  • Hello Michael, 

    with the woodwinds, we have added the grace note legato as a second option to the legato, with slightly faster transitsions (that was even before we recorded the speed legatos). 

    Just look at it as another alternative!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL