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  • Cannot initialize eLicenser

    Hey folks, I am going through installation hell here with VSL Special Edition. When trying to run the Library Installer.exe, I get the message "Cannot initialize eLicenser. Either eLicenser Control Center is not installed, or an appropriate software dongle is not inserted." I have installed and reinstalled eLicenser Control Center. I checked Steinberg's support site, and following their instructions I tried installing in overwrite mode, also turning off antivirus protection before doing so. I still get the same message. I registered VI at the site, getting the activation code from eLicense, and following all steps as instructed. The USB key always glows red; I did plug it directly into my PC instead of the docking station per Steinberg's site. It's a Lenovo PC, windows 7 64-bit, 4 Gigs RAM. Any help is much appreciated - I just want to make some music! Thanks in advance, Kevin

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    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry to hear about your problem with installation.

    I see that you didn' register your product yet - at least not with the user account that you've been writing this forum posting. Registration is necessary to use our products. Please take a close look at our video tutorial on how to Register & Install Vienna Instruments DVD Products .

    If you registered the product to another user account: did you install the most recent version of eLicenser Control Center AND Vienna Instruments Software? Did you enter the Activation Code that you received upon registration into the eLicenser Control Center, to download the license to your ViennaKey or other eLicenser USB key?

    In case that you're confused now, all of these steps are explained in every detail in the video tutorial I mentioned above. 😊