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  • Folder to install vst plugins

    Hey folks, I watched the installation video for Vienna Instruments, and it said "make sure you install the VST plugins in the right folder so it can be accessed by your host." I am not sure what the "right" folder is. The video showed a Steinberg folder being selected, but I have no such folder even after installing the eLicenser software and registering the VI software, etc. Is there one "right" folder for this? Thanks, Kevin

  • What host, what OS?


  • It's Windows 7 64-bit, and I want to be able to use it with Pro Tools and with Sibelius.

  • OK, the RTAS plug will automatically install into the correct place. The .dll for the VST plug can be installed to whatever folder your other plugs that you use in Sibelius are stored. This is not necessarily the same in Sibelius 6 and 7, but basically there is a VT folder in the general Sibelius folder. If you install the VST plug into this folder, Sibelius should "see" it.


  • As a Windows user, I have both 32bit and 64bit plugins (using various programs/libs in addition to VSL), so I have a /vst32 and a /vst64 folder to keep them straight.