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  • Download instruments - Strings ?

    Hello VSL team. Why there is no string section available in the download instrument shop? Are you going to create one? If yes, can you give me an approximation date when it's gonna be available? Thank you very much!

  • Anybody know about this? Thanks

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    Hello Vincent,

    You can always go for the SE Strings and SE PLUS Strings Download collections.

    I see that you have registered the SE Standard Library DVD Collection already. I have just sent you a demo license for the Special Edition Extended Library, so you can check out the additional instruments you can get by purchasing the SE Extended Library DVD Collection.

    You can then go on and add the SE PLUS Strings Standard & Extended, if you wish to get more articulations.

    Download versions of our Strings Collections will take some more time, it´s not scheduled yet.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul. I have already bought the SE + DVD edition, i just don't have registered it yet. I want to add more articulation for the strings, this is why i need the download instrument string section. Are you going to release one soon? Thank you very much!

  •  Hi Vincent,

    it will take some time. But this download string products will be identical with the existing DVD collections. Pricing, content included and upgrade discounts from SE products. We don not have plans for releasing individual instrument sections.



  • Thank you herb. But why is there sections for winds and percussion intruments, but no strings?

  • Why no string download section guys? I have SE and SE +, how can i add articulations to my strings? Buying DVD instruments string woulb be paying a lot of strings twice...

  • Hi Vincent, 

    We decided to keep the bigger string sections available as DVD products for now. 

    Of course you get a discount when upgrading from SE and SE PLUS to the bigger string collections, check "Your price" on the given product pages. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I Really do hope to see Dloadable VSL strings, even if you do not break up the collections, for a number of reasons.

    Personally i stopped, whenever buy DVD products in general. becouse of the extreme costs in getting the actual physical product imported through (as in the case of VSL) a local distributor. An example: for the full Appassionata set, i payed 1270 Euros, ...and i find that purchasing more dvd collections are too expensive compared to dloadable ones.

    Now the same applies to other libraries as well, of course...(1.000 usd Hollywood brass gold, anyone? :()....but even with the favourable exhange rates, i end up paying much more than my European collegues, and even then...there is a long waiting peroid for getting VSL dvds, becouse they seem not to be kept in stock across scandinavia...meaning i will have to wait several weeks or more for a simple dvd.

    Dloading even HUGE amounts of data over several days by far outweighs paying almost twice the price as the listed ones, so i do hope to see the Full range of VSL products online some day. In the meantime, it is very tempting to look for solutions elsewhere when in need of new instruments, becouse actually purchasing these DVD`s has proven to be a costly and prolonged experience, in my case at least.

    Money is scarse, or at least scarse enough to not want to throw it out the window , when it is perfectly possible to have a dloadable solution to accomodate all users, even if you "Must" keep the string collections intact ( which i also do not think is needed, but that is not for me to decide, of course ).


  • Ok, thanks Paul... But why? Maybe because strings are the most popular items and put them available as download instruments would be less lucrativ for you guys? ;) Because this is so illogical to put the others instrument available as individually download content and not doing the same thing for string! ... and frustrating too. ;)