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  • Something is majorly wrong, VEP and EW+Cubase, PC slave crashes

    Hey guys,

    I have all of my samples on a 24Gb pc, win7/64. It works great, I can leave it on all night, no crashes, after opening 7 instances of VEP that come up to around 15.9 Gb. Some VSL, EW, and odd stuff.

    My iMac also runs great, 2010 quad with 8Gb ram, only running Cubase 6.

    Cubase takes a LONG time to load the mixer etc (maybe 20 minutes)., even though on the PC the samples have already loaded, and then, as I play, the PC crashes completely (freezes). I just bought another computer to separate out the EW stuff because it seemed also to crash a lot on loading that (EW is an issue for many reasons, wanted to separate it out on it's own computer), but that problem went away, I can leave all samples loaded as long as I don't play in Cubase. It loads in Cubase fine, I selct each instance and it works, but as I play, the PC dies.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong? I'm guessing a network issue and if that's the case I'm in trouble as I'm not very good at networking between a PC and a Mac.


  • Do you get the same crash if you start the server, but don't load the metaframe manually, but let Cubase load the samples?


  • I've not tried that. I just pulled everything apart to add another box so I can separate-out EW products since it only happens when they are loaded, and added a Mackie Universal Pro so I can use my hands more lol.

    I normally do this:

    1) fire up the Mac (Cubase 6) then the PC slave (samples).

    2) I load the metaframe I saved by clicking on it. It loads about 8 (7?) instances of VEP, I separate things like Solo Strings, Chamber Strings, Stormdrum etc., into their own instance. 

    3) when the metaframe loads and my RAM is where it should be (with the project I'm working on it's around 15Gb so I know then I can go into Cubase after RAM stablizes).

    4) I fire up cubase, load my project. This takes a long time for some reason? No double loading, just a long time to load. I thought loading the samples would solve that, if done first?

    5) I make sure everything is attached to the proper instance (I have exactly as many VEP instances in Cubase as I have instances in VEP Server). It usually is OK, sometimes I need to manually connect the Cubase VSTs to the PC, by selecting it in proper order.

    6) I play a few instruments randomly, checking out many of the instances to make sure they make sound. They do. Including EW Stormdrum and Symphonic Choirs.

    7) I will play a bit, or go for a break, or whatever...within some minutes, if I come back and hit a note on my keyboard, it crashes the PC/slave completely.

    I'm waiting for a new dongle to come from the local music store, everything is pulled apart. When the dongle comes and I've put VSL software on a separate box I'll be able to report more. I'd rather just crash EW stuff than have to restart everything as EW is just percussion ond voice for me, usually (I have a few more products but I've not tested them thoroughly yet, going one step at a time).

    I'll try loading the VEP Server only (blank, no instances) and then opening the Cubase document, hopefully that solves the problem like you suggest it might.


  • May I also suggest that you try without your EW samples. If you have no problems you will have to consider whether they are worth the hassle, or not.


  • No problems without EW samples. This is not a VSL issue, at all. I can load VSL samples all day and bang bananas on my keyboard and my thick heavy head onto the keyboard (lol) in Cubase on my Master iMac if I don't load EW samples.

    But I've been banned from the EW forum for complaining, though some guy on the vi-control forum is trying to help, so I'll hope for the best:)

    Hell I just 10 minutes ago spent $3K on VSL samples and Cubase works and nothing else ever blows up. But I digress lest an EWer comes in and make me feel like an idiot for being so stupid that I didn't do it exactly, exactly, exactly right.