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  • [resolved] VE PRO midi channel receive issue


    I have latest VE Pro installed on my MacPro, and am connecting it with Logic on the same machine.  I am finding that VEPRO will only receive MIDI on channel 1.  Which is very annoying.

    More details:

    I have an instance of the VE PRO server on a channel in Logic.  This is connected to a VEPRO with three VI in it - one receiving on MIDI ch1, the next on ch2, the third on ch3.

    MIDI data recorded in Logic on the instrument track triggers ch1 with no problems.  But if I change a note so that it is on MIDI ch2 or ch3, VE PRO does not respond. 

    Strangely, when I first started it up a few hours ago, it was working fine.  But now its not, and I haven't changed anything.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • I'm an idiot! Sorted it out. Confusing my "midi ports" with my "midi channels".