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  • VSL Ensemble Pro 4.1.8008 Connection Failed in Logic

    Hi i installed the actual update of VSL Ensemble Pro, and now i am not able to connect to the Ensemble Pro server, couse it seems that it is not the same version number.

    Message "Connection failed" - "Cound not connect to " localhost (64)" becouse the version numbers of master and slave do not match. Make sure that the same version of Vienna Ensemble Pro is installed on both master and slave systems.

    I Uninstalled VSL Ensemble Pro and reinstalled it. It should be clean.

    need help and advice please

    I am working on 10.6.8 and Logic 9.1.5

  • Did you install the same version of VE Pro on both master and slave systems?

  • yes, its on the same system 

  • Could you check the version numbers of both the plugin and the server? You can see the version number of the plugin by clicking on the top part of its interface (where it says "Vienna Ensemble Pro Server Interface"). In the server you can check the about window for the version number. I would recommend making sure no plugin host is running and then reinstalling VE Pro.

  • thanks for the trick with the versionnumber. I had an old installation in the Users Home folder, i just deleted it, and the actuall version was recognized from logic in the Root Library folder. Problem is solved now :) 

    Thank you !