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  • Questions about dimension brass and 2. violins

    Hey, i have two questions: 1. I'd like to buy the Orchestral Strings Bundle 1+2 (no chamber, solo or appasionata)...there are the following instruments: violinen, violas, cellos and double basses ... but there is nothing written about 2. violinen...are they also included, or do i have to buy another library to get them? 2. I'd also like to buy dimension brass. Is there are negative aspect compared to the brass 1? And why has dimension brass only standard and no extended/full extention? will they update, or has the dimension brass standard already all possible articulations. For example, in a demo they already used runs, but if you look in the "sample content" there is nothing mentioned about runs. Best greetz from Germany (i hope you can hear it, from my bad english :D) Thanks

  • Regarding strings, VSL made the decision to not include a 2nd violin section.  While at least some of us wish that they had, there are easy ways to create that section.  Within the software, one simply creates a second instance for the 2nd violins, and pan them accordingly.  To avoid phasing - if the piece contains unison passages with the first violins - when doing a final mockup, in the VI software, you can transpose the samples used by a half-step (or whole step for SE), and then adjust for that by transposing the part in the DAW.

    While the situation is not ideal, it is certainly workable.  One of the main problems with some of the competitor's libraries that offer a 2nd violin section is a major lack of uniformity with articulations: some are in the 1st section, others in the 2nd.  That sort of problem has no solution.

    Long-term one can also use another VSL library for the 2nds - chamber strings, or use AP strings for the 1sts, and orchestral violins for the 2nds.  From your post, it sounds like that would not be an option.  In any case, the method outlined above does work well.

  • Hey thanks for your answer...the solution is okay for me, i was only confused, because in some audio demos (for examples guy bacos) wrote 1. violine, 2 violine, viola etc. for instruments that are in the song. Could you (or someone else) please also answer the question about dimensio brass? Thanks

  • Hey folks, could someone please give me answer, if dimension brass will add extended version?

  • Hello Wavemaster, 

    The Extended Library of Dimension Brass will be the muted version, it is in progress. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL