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  • for VSL admin: VEP server trouble shooting list suggestion

    Having just finally solved a VEP server connection problem that completely halted music production in my studio, I think it would be a good idea for VSL tech support to post online and in PDF documents a dedicated VEP server trouble shooting guide that compiles all of the known causes of problems. This list would be updated regularly and VEP server users would be encouraged to contribute their experiences. Although this forum is great, a more cohesive server help site would be enormously appreciated. I have not been alone in encountering VEP connection issues and I know that some users have jumped ship because of the sporadic unreliability of this great software.

    The VEP server has the difficult task of maintaining compatibility with many 3rd party plugins. Conflicts will inevitably arise. In my case, SoundLib's G Player for Mac was the culprit that prevented a VEP server connection between the master and secondary computer within Logic Pro 9.1.3. I know of another instance that was discovered by Shane Koss in which a VEP server wouldn't work within a DP session because of the Mach sampler running some Giga files. I know of others who have solved their problem with direct ethernet connections between their computers, sometimes with manual IP addresses.

    An easily accessible published list of these issues and others would go a long way towards helping the VEP user base.

  • I'll investigate this issue personally. It shouldn't be happening in the first place.