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  • VEP server incompatible with SoundLib G Player

    About 5 weeks ago the VEP server stopped working in my studio, having worked quite well for over a year. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to work. I had to bypass it and use MOL with ADAT audio cards at great expense for a more cumbersome system. 

    Today, I decided to give the VEP server one more round of trouble shooting with Shane Koss. When Shane saw that I had SoundLib's G Player in the Logic project that wouldn't connect to the 2nd computer, he immediately suspected it might be the cause of my problems. He'd run into a similar problem with someone who suddenly could no longer connect the VEP server. This person was running DP and the Mach plugin. The Mach plugin wound up being the problem. Shane thinks that the giga file conversions cause some problem the VEP. In any case, taking the G Player out of my project did the trick!

    And so... I thought I'd share this news. I'm still not fully confident with the server but at least I can get back to working with it.

  • That's odd. G-Player works fine here (in the server). And I thought G-Player played the Giga files natively - there doesn't seem to be any conversion taking place?