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  • I7-2600K... 16 GB 1600 or 32 GB 1333 ram ?

    Hello everyone! I recently bought vsl special edition and special edition +! I'm gonna buy Mir Pro when it will release... What is the best to run big projects? 16 GB 1600 mhz or 32 GB 1333 mhz? I have intel i7-2600k... Is there a real difference between 1600 mhz ram over 1333 mhz? If yes, what will be the impact? Thank you very much for your answers guys, really appreciated!

  • It looks like they are only just now starting to produce 8 gig memory chips, and the price is clearly still at a premium: about $400 for a pair.  The timings of the only one available seemed good, but no idea how well it would work.

    For the SE libraries alone, 8 gigs total is enough.  For MIR SE, coupled with the SE libraries, 12 gigs is enough, and for full MIR, 24 gigs is the norm.  Generally, for DAW use, processors that allow for tri-channel Ram are preferred over dual-channel given that quality sample libraries are memory intensive.  For full MIR (MIR Pro specs are not yet known) 16 gigs will likely be a real limiting factor, especially if you start looking to add any of the VSL full libraries.

    As the current Sandy Bridge processors only support dual-channel Ram, barring an upgrade to a newer processor that supports tri-channel (due 4th qtr.) your options are somewhat limited.  If the 8 gig chips turn out to be viable, that would get you to 32 gigs which certainly should be enough.

  • Thank you very much for your answer. But is 1333 limited? I could afford without problem 4 x 8 GB... But is value ram 1333 kingston a problem? If not, it's perfect! A i7-2600k with 32 GB ( 1333 mhz ) ram would be a great machine for Mir full edition? Thanks again!

  • Unfortunately, those are questions that I do not know enough to be able to answer.  About all I can say is that the company that built my main computer shies away from the cheapest value ram.  Other users, though, may have used it with success.

    Given how new 8 gig ram sticks are, it might be wise to do an internet search about the particular ram you are interested in.  It would also seem to me that somewhere on some DAW related website there would be a discussion of 1333 vs. 1600 ram.  Perhaps one of the VSL techs might chime in?