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  • Advice on Instrument Library purchase

    I have the special edition bundle and have already noted that one of the chief problems in getting a good string quartet sound is that there are no sustains without vibrato in the solo string patches in this collection. I was thinking of buying Solo Strings 1 with the extended library to get all the sustains without vibrato - and the ability to have vibrato arrive later in the played note. So the questions are: Am I thinking correctly as far as proceeding to the goal of getting a convincing string quartet sound? Am I paying too much money for the Solo Strings 1 extended library in terms of what extra I get over what I already have (the special edition bundle) - I mean, are there other significant advantages to Solo Strings 1 over what I have now besides just the vibrato issue? Is there another VI library that would get me better solo strings and get me more for my money over what I have now (as regards string quartet sound) - even if I would pay a little more?

  • Bachman, I started with the SE edition full bundle as well, and have added solo strings 1 standard (and am ever so slowly saving for extended).  I was able to demo extended solo strings for awhile, and for what you are seeking to do, would strongly suggest getting those libraries.  The additional articulations in extended really help to flesh things out even more.  As a bass player, overall, VSL has done an excellent job of capturing what one can actually do with a bow.

  • Thanks moldar, It sounds logical but I wanted to check and see what others have experienced. Do you find that with Strings 1 (extended) you can get a passable or even good string quartet sound?

  • Why don't you simply have a look on the demos?

  • Yes, great - except I just tried everything and all the demo buttons gave me the same result: Sorry but the page you are looking for cannot be found - either because you had an address for an old page referenced in your 'favourites' or 'bookmarks' folder, or because of an incorrect link from within our or another website. < back i tried a number of things but nothing worked. back="" i="" tried="" a="" number="" of="" things="" but="" nothing="">

  • You should be able to get to the demos directly from the solo strings I DVD page.  Audio demos will be the fourth option down.

    As for your question, I have yet to write a string quartet, so I cannot answer your question directly.  I had been working on a piece for solo double-bass, and had been incorporating solo strings as "first-chairs" in larger ensembles.

    One of the demos I was most impressed with was the demo of the 2nd movement of the Ravel quartet - a quartet that is one of my favorites.

  • Yes, I got there. The audio demo buttons for each demo are what don't work. If I press the button for the Ravel quartet, for example, I get that page not found thing. I tried it on 2 different browsers with the same result.

  • I am not sure what to tell you.  I pressed the "open" button for the Ravel quartet demo and it worked fine.