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  • Nero Numa...or MPK 88? or hopefully something else...

    I was all set on a Numa, but the reviews are almost all horrible. I don't want another gadget-keyboard (I have for 3 years used the MPK 49 which works great, but I want something clean and 88 keys).

    What can I get that's clean, piano-like and doesn't have a billion controls, that works well using USB? I use Cubase and just bought Sibelius but it won't get here for a couple of weeks...must be 88 keys.

    Thanks guys):


  • Here are a few opinions on the MPK 88:

    I tried  it in a local music store and didn't like the fact that when I played it something buzzed in the chassis. I came across similar complaints in the above mentioned link. As for its knobs and faders, they didn't seem tight enough to me and generally this keyboard didn't make an impression of something well built, compared to Kurzweil keyboards, for instance, which had been on display in the said shop for much longer, but still felt and looked much better or as good as new in fact.

  • Yeah, I have the MPK 49, it's decent, but is a half-breed, to me. Sort of synthy, sort of piano-y. I want the workout and velocity possibilities of a real piano. The Numa seems a no-go, too many very bad reviews.

    I've decided to get a clean (minimal controls) electric piano. Am going tomorrow to stores to try to find something I like. Think I need to touch it rather than purchase this online.

    My only concerns are that it's 88 keys, has awesome piano feel (requires me to muscle through it on heavy notes, and actually plays soft when I do), that it can work with my computer is turned off for improvising, and of course that it works with Cubase and my new headache (will take a lot to learn!), Sibelius. It would be nice if it has a minimal sequencer built in, so I can sit there for an hour improvising and catch it right in the piano, then listen and bring into my DAW, but that's not absolutely necessary.

    I'm going piano hunting tomorrow after wanting a piano my whole life, yay! I need to find my harpoon:) Or rather, pianopoon. Oh nevermind:)

  • I got a Kurzweil MP-10. I liked it a lot, coming from an MPK-49 and Oxygen 8 v2:(

    I'm not sure of the action, not quite enough muscle required, I'm a bit heavy with it, not enough dynamics, but the only one I liked more was much bigger/higher (would have been hard to place a monitor on it), it had wooden keys, I don't think this does. But I really like it so far. It's still in the kitchen, need to hook it up into my system lol:)