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  • Vienna Special Edition Plus Plus

    Hello VSL team! First, i want to thank you all for your generous and rapids answers! It's very appreciated, and your products are so greats! I bought Vienna Special Edition, and i recently commanded The Vienna Special Editions Plus... But i want more articulations! Why don't you create a + + Special Edition? I'll pay 500-750$ for this!!! I personnaly don't need a lot of differents instruments, Special Edition is sufficient for me, and with the extended libraries the possibilities are amazing! The only thing i'll really need are more articulations for the Special Edition Libraries... More than with the + ! Like i said, i'll paid 500-750$ for a Plus Plus! Can you think about it? Thank you for your time, very appreciated.

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    Hi Vincent,

    Please check out our Download Instruments. These are a good way to add more articulations for specific instruments.

    An additional Special Edition is not planned at the moment.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul for your rapid answer! BUT... No string section! Do you have any plan about adding strings in the download instrument section? Thank you again for your time, really appreciated.

  • Hello Vincent, 

    It´s a special case with the strings. I believe that strings instruments will also be available as download instruments on the long run, but I cannot give you any schedules for this. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL