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  • NEW Christmas music arrangements for 2 pianos, video/score

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    I finally got around getting done the printing of Christmas Chimes, a potpourri of traditional Christmas songs I arranged for 2 pianos, with a bit of my own touch. I'm happy to say that a concert pianist team duo vivo will be premiering this work later this year. This version is played with sampled pianos by yours truly, but I'm looking forward to hearing it in concert. In this video you can follow the score, however, if you want to do that, use full screen in HD. I Hope you will enjoy it!

    Christmas Chimes with pdf on video

  • As I loved this piece of music already when I heard it last year, I just want to thank you for sharing also this video


  • Some really marvellous music here - I'd have called it perfect if it weren't for the questionable omission of taiko drums in the arrangement - I'm glad my compatriots have chosen to perform this, it's not going to be here in Athens is it? Best of luck with this and thanks for sharing.

  • Thats a great piece !!! Wow, you must be also a very good piano player. Great chords and harmonies, great X-mas sound.

    In one word: WOW !

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