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  • Idea for MIR users... about the Vienna Suite!

    Hello everyone. I'm gonna buy Mir Pro when it'll release. I have teste the demo of Vienna Suite, and wow, the plug-in effects are so nice! The problem is that with Mir Pro, i won't need at all the convultion and hybrid reverb is The Suite package... Could it be possible to sell the Vienna Suite without theses 2 reverb plug-in? If yes, i'll buy it for sure. =p Maybe it could be an upgrade of Vienna Mir Pro? It would be so cool, theses plug-ins effect matches perfectly with VEP and will do it with Mir Pro... It could be a really great extra for the futurs buyers of Mir Pro! VEP + Mir Pro + Vienna Suite effect without reverbs would be perfect! =D Of course it will be extra money, but theses plug-ins are so nice! The problem is that with Mir or Mir Pro, buying the Vienna Suite is not encouraging because you're paying for a product that you would not twos of its biggest features. :s Maybe because it is a software a solution is conveivable? Thank you very much for your time!

  • Hello Vincent,

    thanks for your input and the friendly words. I understand your idea. We will most certainly keep it in mind, but to be honest, I don't see it happen in the near future. Vienna Suite Convolution "Reverb" is not necessarily usable as reverb only. If you take a look at the impulse responses offered in the FORTI and SERTI packages if Numerical Sound, your will see that convolution can do much more than that - like timbral colouring and/or filtering, in these cases:



    Using these IRs, the Convolution Reverb plugin makes much sense _within_ MIR, too.

    Apart from that, re-bundling a product doesn't come free for us, as we would have pay for a new eLicenser licensing branch, which means that the re-bundled product wouldn't be that much cheaper.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you Dietz for your answer, it's very appreciated! ;) I now understand better how it works, i didn't think that it would be complicated for you to create new packages ect. Honestly Dietz, can the reverbs IRs in the Vienna Suite can really be a +, if i have Mir Pro? Because i read this : ... Maybe like you explained me, with the new IRs package of Vienna Suite, Vienna Suite comes a real + for Mir Pro? You think that with theses add-on, the serti and forti, it will REALLY be a GREAT + for the Mir Pro? Thank you again for your time Dietz! But, i honestly don't understand why you didn't do a package with the compressors, EQs tools ect separatly, because reverbs are totally differents tools than the rest of the Vienna Suite. ;) When i buy Mir Pro, i want to buy the best reverb simulator... I don't need an other reverb simulator, and i don't want to pay for it. But i need compressors, ect, so it's really confusing and not adapted for Mir Pro futurs buyer. And if i really want the reverb in vienna suite to be useful, i'll have to add forti and serti, so 400$+ :s Thank you again for your time. =)

  • But if it is the only way, i'll buy it anyway ahah =p. It was just a suggestion. I understand about the new license ect, and if the price would not be really cheaper, i understand that doing an other package will be useless. ;) Thank you for your time again!