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  • Is the purchase page based on all my previous purchases?

    Hey guys,

    I just bought the download French horn. Woo hoo!  I'm confused a bit as I buy a lot of VSL stuff. Do you actually look into what I own and charge me minus what I've bought  precisely or is it a bit of hit and miss? For example, I base my system on my original download, SE. Am I re-buying things when I buy what appears to be the same articulations etc.? I know I usually get more articulations, con sordino occasionally, but I really don't know how your system works, even after looking at the 'samples' page fo each pretty much every day. The PFL  (piccolo) made a difference over the SEE+, but in buying SEE+ there aren't huge differences in Chamber (no + artiulations, no mutes I mean), which I'd like all or most articulations for. I'm just confused...I see sometimes "my" price is a bit different, but is that because you keep track of what I own or is that some kind of special? 


    ps Yay I found the Jaws note, it's a minor second up ad infinitum!

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    Hello Shawn,

    This is the upgrade path for our products: Special Editions => Download Instruments => DVD Collections.

    Of course we take into consideration what you have already registered!

    You can find the discount details for each product in the menu under each product shot, e.g, Clarinet in Bb.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thanks:) It helps, but given my budget I still want to ask. I can spend $3000 max, and you know what I have (everyone does in my sig, too I think). What I want is more articulations with chamber strings, including mutes, and a minimal ability to make that very loud by adding I guess App/Epic strings quietly behind. I also want a full harp and more piano than I have, and finally, the most I can get with beautiful woods. 

    My priorities are: full articulations with chamber, more piano, harp, and woods, hopefuly including mutes where applicable. I think I can add background layers to bring out the popular 'epic' feel with chamber, ie my Orchestral and App and Epic samples. Most important is intimacy. The rest are secondary...I wish I didn't have to say that because I'd like very expressive brass and more percussion lol...

    In other words, what I feel is that I'd rather do the intimate core things properly, rather than do an "EW everything is big and have no way to be small" idea...I'd rather rely on mixing to bring that out so I can be small with the same samples when I choose as when I want to be big.

    Merci as always:)


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    Hi Shawn,

    That´s a very tight budget for your ambitious wishlist. I´m afraid you have to set priorities.

    Here´s what I´d do:

    Get the Chamber Strings Bundle, the Appassionata Strings Bundle and Harps. Start with the Standard Libraries, I will provide you with the Extended Library demo licenses, so you can check out what it can do for you. Then add the Extended Libraries you really need.

    Piano: There´s no way to beat the Vienna Imperial.

    For the beginnning, I´d stick to this and use the WW of your Special Editions, or maybe add a few featured WW solo instruments Full Libraries from the Download Instruments.

    You can always fill your basket (being logged in) and you´ll see the prices right away.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • FWIW, +1 to starting with core areas first.  My budget for samples is even tighter than yours, and +1 for being able to do "small" well first.  You seem to have a good handle on where you want to go initially.  Beyond that, figure out what you most use.  IMO the SE libraries do a very good job of covering all sorts of instruments that I do not use as frequently - instruments that I could never afford the full libraries for (and even some that I wish I could afford, but can't).

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    Hey Guys, thanks so much. I realized my budget was a little optimistic:( I have about $3000 available but I also have about $1500 on a credit card that's arriving this week (gotta love credit lol!), to try and make things work. I can handle a $1500 debt I think, I hope. LOL. So that gives me $4500.

    Here's how I'm thinking of approaching it based on both of your advice:

    1 1 Chamber Strings Bundle Standard Library $ 790.00 $ 0.00 $ 790.00
    2 1 Chamber Strings Bundle Extended Library $ 660.00 $ 95.00 $ 565.00
    3 1 Appassionata Strings Bundle Standard Library $ 880.00 $ 0.00 $ 880.00
    4 1 Harps Standard Library $ 215.00 $ 0.00 $ 215.00
    5 1 Harps Extended Library $ 225.00 $ 33.00 $ 192.00
    6 1 Keyboards Package Standard Library $ 1,280.00 $ 0.00 $ 1,280.00
    Total $ 3,922.00

    ...and then buy downloadable winds from there. For winds, I only have SEE+ and Dimension Brass, plus the piccolo and horn, so that few bucks leftover won't get me everything, but it will be a very, very good start I think?

    Re: my strings idea, as I say I want to be fully articulate with small orchestrations, but with the big, I'm not so concerned, just want the 'punch'. Once you add 50 billion players and, in my case, Stormdrum, I think subtlty goes away, so I'm thinking I don't need App2. Does that make sense?

    But I'm also, half-consciously, getting caught up in the 'big movie sound' a bit, and I mean 'a bit'. My heart yearns for Vivaldi-type pieces (which is why I chose the Keyboards package rather than Imperial, because of the harpsicord). Am I thinking clearly on all of this?

    Also, can someone please point me to VSLA? (VSL Anonymous for us sample junkies...) haha!


  • Paul, or anyone else, can I ask you to comment, please? I'm pretty sure I'm doing the right thing, but not 100% sure.

    Also, on another topic, how does this work if I want to work with someone...bring them to my house, my music, my samples, but they add something, say a voice or they are a guitar player and I can hook them up to my midi guitar. If it's my project, not getting paid, and someone agrees to work with me, is that ok? Obviously, if something 'sold' I'd communicate it with you, I'm just curious if I'm evn allowed to work with other people. Say for example a woman with a beautiful voice half way across the planet who likes my work...and decides to change one or two of my notes.

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    Was hoping I could get some feedback but tI'm kinda glad I didn't, had to use my brain lol. Did this:

    1 1 Chamber Strings II Standard Library $ 445.00 $ 0.00 $ 445.00
    2 1 Chamber Strings II Extended Library $ 165.00 $ 0.00 $ 165.00
    3 1 Orchestral Strings I Standard Library $ 575.00 $ 0.00 $ 575.00
    4 1 Orchestral Strings I Extended Library $ 625.00 $ 83.00 $ 542.00
    5 1 Special Keyboards Standard Library $ 265.00 $ 0.00 $ 265.00
    6 1 Harps Standard Library $ 215.00 $ 0.00 $ 215.00
    7 1 Harps Extended Library $ 225.00 $ 33.00 $ 192.00
    8 1 Appassionata Strings II Standard Library $ 465.00 $ 0.00 $ 465.00
    9 1 Appassionata Strings II Extended Library $ 165.00 $ 40.00 $ 125.00
    Total $ 2,989.00

    Please add further items on the respective product pages.

    Here's my reasoning: I want to go from small to big, and to my ear, once you add more voices, subtlty goes away.

    I already have the SS collection (I+II), so I'm good at the very-intimate side. I've never bought a II without buying the I (Chamber), I hope it works:)

    So on the slightly harder side, if I add mutes from Chamber, I get a bit more (I can use SEE+) for transitions. From there, I can get a bit louder/bigger with the Orchestral libray I (full) then can get huge with App. 1 extended.

    I go:

    small solo strings

    big solo strings

    small chamber

    big orch

    small app

    ...and add layers with each product plus SEE+ from there when needed. I hope it works:)

    As you see, I only chose small/quiet articulations for solo (already own) and Chamber and App, I hope that makes sense:) Everything else gets bigger with layering, with Orch and when needed SEE filling in the holes.

    I also bought full Harps and Special Keyboards cuz I don't really need an organ and I'm not quite sure where I want to go with piano.

    I feel good, hope I did the right thing:)


  • Shawn, I hope that works out, but there is one thing that I think you may have missed.  Orchestra strings are a bit different from solo/chamber/AP.  Orchestra Strings I consists of just violin and viola, while Orchestra Strings II consists of just cellos and basses.  In short, you will need to get Orchestra Strings II to complete your basic main string orchestra.  Both of those two libraries include a fair amount of primary mute patches. 

    To sum up, the other string libraries I and II separate out regular samples and mute samples, while the Orchestra Strings l and II separate out upper and lower strings, with each library containing muted samples for the respective instruments.

    Hopefully the good folks at VSL will help you sort it out (perhaps give you the bundle discount you would otherwise have gotten had you purchased orchestra strings I and II at the same time?).

  • Yikes, so much for thinking about it too much. I should have paid more attention to the details! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. I'll email Paul, hopefully it's not too late.

    Maybe I should remove Orch I and add the Chamber Strings I. Then, in the near future, I can finish the App. 

    I thought I'd sorted this very well in my head, doh!

    edit: I just asked VSL via email to replace Orch Strings I with Chamber Strings I. I feel like such a boob:(

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    Hi Shawn,

    The best idea is to contact our distributor for the Americas,, directly.

    Best regards,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul, I just FWed my confirmation email to and CCed VSL support. Hope it turns out ok!


  • Noldar - I can't thank you enough for noticing my error. I've contacted ILIO and they cancelled my order.

    Instead I went back more to Plan A - I got the Chamber I+II Extended, App I+II Extended and the Special Keyboards. They've already verified and are shipping it:)

    Piano and Harps will have to wait for another time, and I can slowly download winds etc. as needed.


  • Glad things worked out ok!