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  • I've lost my Bosendorfer...


    I've just finished migrating to a new PC (6 cores, RAID10 and 12GB RAM!).  Everything is working now except for the Bosendorfer sound that is part of Vienna Imperial.  The sound is missing, i.e., it does not show up in either Preset or Matrix tabs within Ensemble Pro.  I'm using the same license key so it's not a licensing issue.  When I run the eLicenser Control Center I can see an entry for Vienna Imperial.

    I reran the Vienna Imperial setup and reinstalled all 6 DVDs.  The installation ran without a hitch, but it did not bring back the Bosendorfer.

    Should there be a related file in the Soundsets folderr?  There are 10 items in mine but not one for Vienna Imperial.  Nor is there one in the VSL Custom Data folder.

    When I run Ensemble Pro Server 64-bit and load a project which uses ImperialI I get a "Could not load plugin:" error.  If I click on the Bosendorfer entry within Ensemble Pro Imperial does not load; nothing happens at all.

    Thank you in advance for your expert help!

  •  Hi John,

    Vienna Imperial is not based on the regular Vienna Instruments player. It's an unique VST/AU plugin, which you can add to VE PRO with the "VST/AU buttons". Therefor also no patches or matrices appear in the Vienna Instrument player.