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  • Tutorial Codec?

    I downloaded a tutorial because I would wish to play it several times at my leisure rather than view it online. However Windows Media player can't play it - which I suspect is because it doesn't have the codec used to compress the file. Does anyone know where I could simply find and add the proper codec - or any other simple way to repeatedly play this file?

  •  From memory the files are mp4, which you will need Quicktime to play, not Media Player.


  • windows mediaplayer 12 can play mp4 (H264 codec) and there are several free codecs available on the net to make mediaplayer 10 & 11 play mp4.


    if you don't like to install quicktime such a codec for an older windows mediaplayer (eg. because you don't trust the issuer) there is also the free VLC-mediaplayer available here:


    we decided to change the video format for our tutorials to mp4 about 2 years ago because the quality/size ratio is (still) unbeatable



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.