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  • Where was VSL plus installed?

    I just got a separate drive just for VSL SE & Plus, just as you recommended. But when I went to install it, it wouldn't let me put it on any drive except the one running the system! So do I just drag it on to the new drive after it's installed on the main one? Also, I just installed the VSL SE Plus, but I don't see where it is. Does it transparently become part of the VSL SE, or is it something discrete, that I can see and also drag to the new drive? Matt

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    Hi Matt123,

    That´s strange, you should be able to install your sample content whereever you like.

    Maybe you are referring to the software? Which OS are you working on?

    You can also install the sample content on any drive, then copy it to the dedicated drive and assign it in the Directory Manager.

    Check out this video here (How to use the Directory Manager).

    The Special Edition PLUS is indeed incorporated into the Special Edition presets and matrices (all files labeled with a "+" also contain SE PLUS content).

    In the Patches, a folder called "advanced" is added.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL