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  • 2 versions of VE

     Is it possible to run the older version 2.? and the current version 4 of Vienna Ensemble on the same machine?


  • I have no idea myself, but do you mind me asking why you'd want to? If you can run multiple instances of VE, I don't see the need.


  • The reason is I like the old version better for large ensembles that don't need all the bells and whistles of the newer version or VI pro.  It is faster to use.  A lot of ensembles I have don't need much tweaking but can use straight patch setups that are faster to access and are more easily manipulated in the older version.  I don't like for example the long pause in accessing individual instruments in the new VE, and the fact that they won't display instantly up and down the instrument list like they did in the old version.  I think VSL should keep this older interface because it is better in some ways.  However, I need to use VI pro for some things and would update it to the newer version on some files, so it would be nice to have both present on the same machine if possible. 

  •  So this cannot be done? 

    I guess I will have to try it and then uninstall...