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  • Sibelius 7 & Appassionata Trills


    I'm using VE Pro with OS X Lion and Sibelius 7.  I use the Soundsets from the user area here.  Updates are all recent.

    The issue with App Strings I, is that I can't get many of the articulations to work properly, especially trills lately.  I copied the Sounds folder over from the Sib 6 folder to the new Sib 7 Sounds folder.  The Concert Strings + articualtions appear to be working properly in Sib 7.

    I think I know how to setup the Soundsets in Sibelius, but I'm at a loss as to what I need to do to make App work again.  It used to work in Sib 6.

    I've gone through the Optimizing document again, and don't see anything to help the situation.

    I hope you can point me in the right direction.


  • Hello Dennis!

    Like all of our other Sibelius sound sets, the Appassionata Strings sound set should work with Sibelius 6 and Sibelius 7 equally well. I have tried it here and there were no problems whatsoever.
    Please notice, that there are no prerecorded trills for the Appassionata Strings, so Sibelius will perform a trill either with the sustain or the legato patch.

    Here are a few questions, that my help you finding the source of the problem.
    Did you load the Apassionata Strings sound set on the Playback Devices page?
    Did you make channel/program settings for all your instruments on the Manual Sound Sets page?
    Did you load the VI presets for the Appassionata Strings, that came with the sound set?

    If your problems remain, can you please be a bit more detailed about what you have done and what exactly is not working?

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi, Andi.


    Yes, I'm used to setting up Sibelius correctly by now, but I'd better check the articulations for my VSL Libraries.  I didn't realize that Appassionata did not have trills.  I've heard the 'Sibelius trills', but truthfully, they sound bad when compared to even my Concert Strings Plus trills that were recorded live.

    Not to criticize App at all; I just won't use trills when I load up App strings.

    Thanks again!

  • Hello, Andi.

    I rechecked my Appassionata Strings 1, and there are trills (m2 to MA3) in the extended version, which I have.  So, I'm still looking forward to making trills work with App Stngs.


  • I don't know what happened, but Sib 7 with VE Pro & App 1 (L2) is now playing trills correctly!

  • Hi Dennis!

    Yes, there are performance trills included with the Appassionata Strings extended. But they are not included in the presets for Sibelius.
    Anyway, I'm glad, that you could make them work for you.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Have the trills been updated in the Sound sets?

  • Hello umarekawaru!

    Yes, since my last post in this thread, the Appassionata Strings performance trills have been included in the presets for the "VE Strings" preset.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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