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  • Cubase 6, compressors and EQs... IN vep?

    Hello everyone. To be ready for Vienna Mir Pro, i downloaded the VEP demo yesterday... Everything works perfect, it's a very nice software! The only problem that i have, is that i don't see cubase 6 effects like compressors, EQ ect in the effect list of the channels in VEP. I only see the 1/2 of the effect, like modulation, ect... I added the Cubase 6 folder in the VST connections, and as you can see, it works, but not for ALL the plug-in. I know that cubase 6 compressor, and others effects are VST3. Maybe VEP can't take VST3??? It there a way to make them available in VEP? I know that i can add audio effect in cubase channel, one the Ensemble X64 channel in the CUBASE channel... But when i do this, the effect is applied on EVERY channels... I can't apply it individually and differently for each channel... Thank you very much for your time, it's very appreciated!

  •  Cubase FX can only be used in Cubase.

    If you want to use them with VEP you need to enable more VSTi outputs and use them on these tracks in your Cubase project.