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  • Cubase 6, compressors and EQs... IN vep?

    Hello everyone. To be ready for Vienna Mir Pro, i downloaded the VEP demo yesterday... Everything works perfect, it's a very nice software! The only problem that i have, is that i don't see cubase 6 effects like compressors, EQ ect in the effect list of the channels in VEP. I only see the 1/2 of the effect, like modulation, ect... I added the Cubase 6 folder in the VST connections, and as you can see, it works, but not for ALL the plug-in. I know that cubase 6 compressor, and others effects are VST3. Maybe VEP can't take VST3??? It there a way to make them available in VEP? I know that i can add audio effect in cubase channel, one the Ensemble X64 channel in the CUBASE channel... But when i do this, the effect is applied on EVERY channels... I can't apply it individually and differently for each channel... Thank you very much for your time, it's very appreciated!

  • Oops, i'll move it to the appropriate section. ;)

  • VE Pro indeed doesn't host VST3 plugins. There are no immediate plans to support it either at this point.

  • No worries though, you can just route virtual outputs from MIR Pro/VE Pro 5 into Cubase tracks and apply the effects there.

  • Yes, thank you! ;)