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  • Some questions about Mir Pro...

    Hello everybody, i am new to VSL. I recently bought Vienna SE, and WOW, i'm really impressed... I am now waiting for the release of If i use Mir Pro as a plug-el with in, and not an host, will i have to put one Mir plug-in on every channel??? Or will it be possible, like with the Stand Alone, to load every instrument or apply Mir effect on every channel with just one Mir effect, and place all instruments at differents place in the space on ONE mir plug-in? How will this work? Because i think that load on every channel a new Mir plug-in for every instrument would be so hard for the CPU.... Thank you very much for your answers, and sorry for my bad english, Viocent

  • Welcome Vincent,

    thanks for your interest in Vienna MIR and Vienna MIR Pro, an thanks for the kind words!

    To fully understand the idea behind the MIR concept you must not look at MIR as an ordinary plug-in. It is more like an advanced, specialised mixing console for virtual instruments and (with the advent of MIR Pro) any kind of audio signal. The goal _always_ is to put all the instruments and signal sources into one (virtual) space.

    You will be able to use Vienna MIR Pro both in stand-alone mode and as some kind of meta-plugin, depending on your setup and you needs. As the underlying platform for MIR Pro is Vienna Ensemble Pro, it will be more or less the same workflow for both applications. (You might want to watch the VE/VEP tutorial videos if you don't know this application already: ->

    Nevertheless it is save to say that you will need a reasonably powerful machine in any case, because using MIR to its full extent, it will run literally hundreds of individual convolution processes at the same time.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you Dietz for your answer. I have an I7-2600K and 16 GB ram 1333 MHZ. I want to use Vienna Mir... The SIMPLE way i can! Honestly, i read a little part of the manual, and it looks complicated to use as an host... I would really like to use Mir Pro not as a stand alone, but as a PLUG-IN. Do the plug-in Mir Pro will limit a lot the functions of Mir.? With the plug-in Mir Pro, will i be able to load a lot of instrument into the space of ONE MIR, like you told me in your previous message? If yes, will it be possible with CUBASE 6, WITHOUT Vienna Ensemble??? Thank you again Dietz, Vincent

  • I forgot to say : i have ONE audio interface ( audiogram 6 )... I suppose that if it hopefully work like i asked ( loading all instrument in one space with the plug-in version ), it would work with the same audio interface that i use with cubase 6, like plug-ins normally do?

  • Hi Vincent,

    Handling-wise, MIR Pro will differ a lot  from Vienna MIR, so don't be too scared by the manual (there will be a new one for MIR Pro once it's released, of course).

    The typical way to use MIR Pro within Cubase or Nuendo will be something like that:  You will instantiate Vienna Ensemble Pro as a VST Instrument in Cubase's VST Instrument Rack (F10, by default). This will connect to Vienna Ensemble Pro / MIR Pro (which can be considered to be the same application from Cubase's point-of-view). Vienna Ensemble Pro will open as many channels as you have chosen to use in Cubase's Mixer.

    Now you will either load VTSi's directly within MIR Pro; they will receive MIDI-data from Cubase's MIDI-tracks and return audio. In case you want to use an audio-track from Cubase, you will route it into MIR on behalf of a simple connector-plugin in the audio-channel. All these signals can now be freely positioned on the virtual stage of the chosen MIR Venue.

    ... of course, there are many more options available once you need them (like Aux-Sends, busses and submixed "stems"), but basically that's all you have to do. All settings will be saved automatically with your Cubase project (unless you decide to manage the data differently).

    Your audio-interface will be used the same way it would be used by Cubase without MIR Pro.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you very much Dietz for your time! I now understand really better how this will work. So, when i will load VE pro in my VST Rack in cubase, it will connect to VE Pro... AND Mir Pro? Automatically? Thanks again Dietz, this was my last question. ;)

  • Oops, sorry I forgot : How will this work WITHOUT VE Pro? How will i load Mir Pro without it? Thanks again.

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    @Vincent M said:

    So, when i will load VE pro in my VST Rack in cubase, it will connect to VE Pro... AND Mir Pro? Automatically?

    Yes and no. There will be a few clicks involved raising the VE Pro 5 user interface, so it wont happen automatically (like if you opened a plugin og VSTi ). You wil get a window where you click a button to show the UI of VE Pro 5, which in fact is a standalone program connected to the plugin inside Cubase.

    As for MIR Pro, there is no MIR Pro without VE Pro 5 since MIR Pro runs as an application inside VE Pro 5. If you buy MIR Pro you will get VE Pro 5 automatically, since it runs within it's framework.

  • OK Thank you!!! It will be perfect i'm so happy! =p