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  • Can I use with ILOK instead ViennaKey- for Vienna Instruments PRO ?

    Can I use with ILOK instead ViennaKey- for Vienna Instruments PRO ?

    I use PROTOOLS9 HD

  •  Short answer is no.

    Longer answer is that as VI Pro only works with Vienna Instruments, not 3rd party virtual instruments, you would already need to have a Vienna key (or Steinberg key) to use those. If you have no Vienna Instruments then Vienna Instruments Pro is useless to you.


  • thenk's.

    Thanks for the quick reply.)
    I bought now the SE Strings PLUS - Standard Library Strings + SE PLUS - Extended Library
    I understand that it files for download 4GB - Are there any problems downloading the files that the process is really, really slowly ...?

    In addition
    If I had purchased the samples of these, can I use the Vienna Instruments PRO or do I have (also) to buyit?

    1. I can't answer your question about download speed.
    2. In order to use your download product you will need a Vienna key or Steinberg key, or they won't work.
    3. If you want to use VI Pro you have to purchase it. You can store the licence on the same key as the licences for your download products. If you don't wish to purchase VI Pro the standard Vienna Instruments player is a free download.


  • Because it did not make the download ...

    • Correct me if I'm wrong
    •   Until I have the ViennaKey and performs its registry I'm not allowed to download the samples?
    • Perhaps this is why they do not do the download?