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  • Asio spikes with VI Pro-Not performance related


    I have been having a very annoying problem with Vienna Instruments Pro.

    Whenever I load an instument in Vienna Instruments Pro and try to play, I get Asio spikes, that manifest themselves as momentary clicks and pops.  This happens almost randomly but makes playing the instrument unusable. The sounds themselves continue to play, but the sound gets clicks and pops when the spikes happen.

    Before anything else I want to make clear that my system does not suffer from DPC spikes, my values never go higher than 120-148 μs and all my other VI's work flawlessly. In fact I use a lot of PLAY libraries and never get that problem.And to be honest, I always considered Vienna Instruments way more efficient than PLAY.

    This is very annoying however. Sometimes closing the project and reloading it solves the problem, or if I close VI Pro and reload it also may solve this sometimes.

    This has nothing to do with RAM or CPU usage as it can also happen in an completely empty project with only one instance of VI Pro loaded. And as you can see in my signature, my system is able to cope with way more than one VI Pro instance.

    This does not happen with other VSTi's and my Vienna Instruments Pro version is 8008.

    Is this a known issue? Anything I can do on my end?

    Thank you

  •  Hello,

    Are you using VE Pro locally, on a slave?

    Have you tried raising the sound card's buffer size?

    Also, I use VE Pro on a slave. I had set up VE Pro in the prefs to have 32 MIDI chs. I got the occasional spike. One day, I decided (for another reason) to lower the MIDI chs in the VE Pro settings from 32 > 12, as that is really all I need. Now, i do have a BUNCh of VE Pro instances loaded , but, as a result of doing what I did, my RAM usage went down, Cubase's ASIO performance meter went way down, and no more spikes. The less instances of VE Pro you have, the less of an effect that may have, however.


  • Hello,

    I am not using VE Pro at all. I am using Vienna Instruments Pro inside Cubase 6.03 in 64bit mode. Cubase also runs in 64bit as well.

    I also wanted to point out that I tried using the standalone Vienna Instruments Pro and the same problem occurs.

    Playing with the instrument for a while or unloading it/loading it again seems to cure the situation but this is not something easy to do if a project contains multiple instances of course!

  • I'm sure that this is a stupid question, but you are making sure that the Instrument is fully loaded before you hit play, aren't you? Whilst the background loading is going on you are bound to have clicks, pops or dropouts.


  • Hello DG,

    No, I never play while loading sounds. I always wait for them to load fully and then I start playing.

    The thing is that this problem does not seem to be a real problem, but more of a bug. And this is because as I already mentioned it disappears after playing with the instrument for a while or after unloading and reloading the instrument.

    To be honest, it reminds me of a problem that has been discussed in the forums a while ago, where you loaded a patch, and all your notes clicked the first time you played them, until you have played them all once at least.

    For example, you loaded a Bosendorfer piano patch and in the begginning , every note clicked , but once you played once the notes of the patch the problem was going away. I remember many users had that problem back then. I used to have it too, but I believe this was solved after an update in Vienna Instruments (Pro was not even released back then).

  • Anyone else having this? It is very annoying. Each time open a project with Vienna Instruments in it I have to wait for almost 10 minutes for the random spikes to stop.

  • How big is your project that takes 10 minutes to be able to play with?

  • It does not depend on the size of the project. Even if I open only one instance of Vienna Instruments Pro, I get random spikes for 5-10 minutes. After 5-10minutes spikes disappear. Only happens with Vienna Instruments Pro, not any other VSTi, (PLAY, Omnisphere, Kontakt).

  • Although I am very excited with the VI Pro2 (Amazing job Vienna! ), I have to say that the problem with the clicks/Asio spikes for the first 5-10 minutes when loading a Vienna Instrument Pro still exists.

    Again, what happens is, when I load VI Pro for the first time I get random clicks/Asio spikes within the 5-10 minutes after loading it.

    No CPU spikes, no DCP latency spikes. Only happens with Vienna Instruments Pro. I have a huge array of VSTi's (among them PLAY which is not renowned for its stability) and I don't get this behavior with any of them . Again it is not performance related. Fortunately, when the 5-10 minutes have passed I no longer get the spikes. I would really appreciate if anyone else who has the same problem chimed in or if anyone has a suggestion.

    Thank you

  • Anyone else having pops and clicks when first loading a Vienna Instruments Pro?

  • Could it simply be that you are trying to play back things while the background loading is happening?

    Playing while this very intense disk loading process is ongoing, will of course limit your performance.

  • Due to the fact that PLAY used to produce loud burst noises in the past if you tried to play while loading, I have learned to wait for samples to load before playing. But I think you've got a point, there's GOT to be some background activity going on when this is happening because after a while it disappears and I can playback a 30instrument arrangement without a single click or pop and with very low CPU consumption.

  • Just have a look in the VIPro gui. If the loading progress bar is visible - then you have ongoing background loading.

  • Thanks,

    No, I always wait for the loading to complete. I was not talking of such an obvious background procedure. Vienna Instruments Pro is so quick in loading times anyway. There must be something else.

    And my system is in the signature by the way, I run VI Pro2 in 64bit Cubase.

  •  I am working on a project right now. Just with one VI Pro2 Patch I get random spikes.

    What I noticed just now, is that the spikes occur even when I am not playing anything on my keyboard. Turning off VI Pro makes the spikes disappear.

  •  For what it's worth,

    I tried running Vienna Instruments Pro 2 in standalone mode. This yielded the same results. That means that this is not something relevant to my sequencer (Cubase 6) as it also happens when in standalone.

    I am really running out of ideas, but I will let you know of further observations in case someone comes up with something. Just want to say once more that this ONLY happens with Vienna Instruments, all my other libraries (Kontakt, PLAY etc do not introduce this problem.

  •  So, I am demoing VEP5 now and the spiked are still present even with this configuration. I hope someone can give a hint on what may be the problem

  • Are you using the latest version of VIPro (9753)?

  •  I am actually running 2.09650. Thanks for the heads up. Is there something in the new update that might solve this problem?

  • Please install the latest version 2.0.9753. We have had some reports of issues with previous 2.0.XXXX versions.