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  • NEW to VSL

    Just purchased the VSL Appassionata Strings 1 and I'm wanting to be sure it will run on my platform. I am running a PPC G5 with 8GB of RAM dual-core 2.5Ghz processor and my Sequencing software is Digital Performer 7.23 And the operating system is running OS 10.5.8 with iLok keys. The site says: Apple G4 (G5 or Intel Core 2 Duo/Xeon processor recommended) with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher I'm just curious if any users of this library are running it successfully on a G5 PPC similar to my setup above and if there any problems you have encountered?

  • Hello!

    I, also, bought App Stirngs 1 this year.  Nice string set.

    My only question is, do you have a Steinberg or VSL elicenser Key?  I see you have the iLok key, but the eLicenser key is what is needed for Vienna Instruments.  Also, I believe that you can use Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Instruments free plugins (not the PRO versions) with the G5, in order to play your new App Strings through your DAW.

    I'm not using a G5 anymore, but the earliest Mac Pro Intel 2.66 Dual Core.

    I think your machine should work fine.

  • It will work (it works for me on a G5 Quad), but I am already spotting clouds in the distant:

    1. The PRO Software (Vienna Instruments Pro and Ensemble Pro) only run on Intel Macs

    2. The Download manager and the Library installer (which you need to purchase download instruments) only runs with the newest version of VI installed, despite the site saying it does not officially support PPC. Well, it works, though, but  there might be a time, when the newest version fails on G5 machines, so you cannot add further libraries to your collection.

    3. The Vienna Imperial works Intel only

    4. Dimension Brass works Intel only

    5. If Vienna MIR (Pro or not) finally comes out for Mac, it will certainly be Intel only