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  • LAN issue - VePro 64Bit (PC Slave & iMac Master): Pops & staccato-alike Sound

    Hi there,

    I just read all Threads in the East West Support-Forum about VE Pro + Play issues and couldn´t find any answer. Here at Vienna Community I couldn´t find any answer about this problem: It´s a short question:

    I´m using the actual Play 2.1.2 in VE Pro 64 Bit (Version 4.1.8008) on my Slave PC connected via Switch to an iMac i7 2010 8GB with Logic 9.1.4 and while I´m playing on my Masterkeyboard I get a staccato-alike sound. It seems that the LAN-connection is to slow or that some Buffer-adjustments are set wrong. I get this broken Sound with every EW-Library (with HS Diamond, SO Gold, Pianos, Silk, VOP, MOR, Goliath, Gypsy, SD2 Pro, Choirs, RA, Dark Side) loaded into one VE Pro Instance so there is no problem with a Library itself, they are splitted across 5 SSDs (each 256GB Crucial M4 direct Sata3).

    Until now I tried out different Samplerates (44100/48000/etc) in Logic, different Buffersizes (32 - up to 512 /1024) in Logic, different Latency Buffers in VE Pro AU PlugIn (none/1 Buffer/ 2 Buffers), different Threadnumbers for one VE Pro Instance on SlavePC, different Voice-SetUps in Play in VE Pro on SlavePC, at least I connected Mac and PC via LAN without switch: but all this didn´t help. (I´m using the Ethernet-Switch because the Euphonix MC Mix and MC Control need a LAN-Connection to the iMac too. Its a TEG-S5g (5-Port, 10,100,1000gBit) I can´t check the LAN-cable-type..)

    The PC Slave is the fastest you can get today, so I´m sure this can´t be any Hardware-Problem. (The Basics are the same East West uses for testing - only CPU and SSDs are faster here):

    CPU: i7 990x / Mainboard: Asrock x58 Extreme 6 (6x SATA3) / RAM: 24 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600

    1x 128 GB Crucial M4 Host Windows 7 64 Bit on SATA3

    5x 256 GB Crucial M4 Sample Drives on SATA3

    At East West Support Forum someone wrote that he had to decrease the Audio-Buffersize below 128. I tried this but the exact opposite happens when I modify the I/O Buffersize in Logic Preferences/Audio/CoreAudio from 1024 to 64 and 32: The sound changes for the worse, the more I decrease the more it sounds more staccato-alike instead of clean. (Even if I modify the other Options like VE Pro Buffer Latency):

    At 32 to 256 its like Snownoise from more to less.

    At 512 there is a nearly clean sample sound quality and after 4-5 seconds there´s a short pause about 1 second in between the sample.

    At 1024 there is nearly no pause and for the most part a clean sample sound. But this stadium doesn´t suffice to play or produce sound in good quality. In his case it seems to be the other way around..I don´t know why.

    I´m using a RME Fireface UFX connected with USB 2.0 on iMac for Audio-Monitoring. Even when I use the iMac Speakers without the RME Fireface UFX the problem persists. So the RME Fireface UFX cannot be the Bottleneck in the whole Hardware-Setup.

    Did I modify the wrong Buffer-Option? Do I have the wrong LAN-cables or LAN Switch? Did I forget to modify an option in VE Pro on the Slave PC? What can I do?

  • Please reformat your message

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic
  • tried to reformat but the changes in textformat don´t get active when I send the post-edit. Could be that I wrote too much to be able to use blanklines.. sorry but I already can write so much about my problem and I want to prevent to get proposals to try things which I already have tried..

  • Go to your Profile and set the correct settings for this forum and then re-format your message please.


  • Done.

    Thank you for the advice.

  • These kinds of problems can be really hard to suss out.

    Might want to give Play 3 a shot, which was just released.

    Sounds like you may have network streaming issues. I use a sequencer audio buffer of 256 and set the VE Pro servers to "2 Buffers" and this works well. But that's in Cubase - in Logic your mileage may vary.

    Have you tried looking into 9K Jumbo frames? I know that made a big difference for me.

  • Hello THX for reply - I had to set a fix IP-Adress at my iMac. Then I set up the PC Slave (at iMac Network Configuration) and then the Euphonix Controller. At least they found each other. I did this still with Play 2 - but Play 3.0 works also.

    Many THX!!!!