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  • How I do my work with VSL ans Cubase 6

    Hello everybody !!

    I just wrote this post because finally I found a "good relation" with VSL SE and Plus.
    I bought VSL SE almost 1 year ago but I got very disappointed becasue I coul not make my music as I was listening to all the demo in Vienna Website.
    So I bought Notion SLE for Vienna but was good only to  study orchestrationand not even to much, and I realized the big problem with legato.

    I started to post many messages and ask hepl from Vienna Company but I did not solve it. I was very .. Nervous !!

    Also I was working with Logic and was quite complicate to  manage to  right Vienna Matrix, ans then I decided to  go back to  my old Cubase with with VST expression gave more satistaction. and then I started to  get almost the sound that was looking for, but was not enough.

    Then I decide to  try again before to  change library ( EWQL ). I bought Vienna Plus and Cubase 6

    and I started to  get crayz to  find a way to  obtain a good sound for orchestra and keep thinking as composer ans not as Programmer.

    As master Keyboard I use a very simple M-Audio Keystation 61 which is quite ggod comparin the price and also becase i travel a lot good as space.

    This MasterKeyboard ( MKd )  has only Modulation Wheel, Pitch bend and another slider which is the control Change 7 ( CC7 ) = Main Volume

    So, when I prepare my setup in cubase with Vienna Ensemble and I load the VST Expressions Map the Mod-Wheel does not work anymore

    because is driven by Expression Map Messages, so the only way was to  use the Main Volume control ( CC7 )

    but using this I got confused becasue it can change Main volume and XFAde control too ( if enable )

    .... I hope you do not get bored....
    So what I did

    for each instrument I have disabled the Volume control and through Cubase 6 ( for each instrument ) I enabled XFAde controlled by My cursor on the MKd.

    In this was , as almost everyone knows, I get the "volume" of isntrument according to Bow ( for the string ) and other Dynamics for other instruments.

    Better not to  use the Volume contro to Change the volume of instruments ( it sounds strange, I know ), but use the real Dynamic of instruments

    Ans so I strated to  get real String passage but I wanted to  use also the indications of Dynamics
    like:  pppp, ppp, pp, mp, mf, f, ff, fff, ffff

    in this way I can write or record my part thinking as composer and not only by ears

    and also for legato  passage I realized few things and even solved.

    if you  try to make for example a major scale of A in ViolinS  for lower octava with dynamic like pp or mp

    you will get a terrible effect of "Waving" notes

    this is real orchetra does not happen and I do not understand why Vienna Company never solved this Bug of the library

    but then, speaking with many real violins players, pianist and sound engenieers

    I realized, we realized that if you  play a keyboard even if you are fantastic pianist, you  will never and never get the strings legato.

    So Vienna VSL is so similaro  to  real orchestra even in bad things , defect.

    the way that I use and whicxh almost acceptable is to  use LEGATO and record the passage with MIDI STEP in Cubase

    and then always re-touch the Dynamic.

    So better I stop writing now but I have still few things to  communicate.

    I hope these few infprmation can help some of you, in case let me know.

    Bye bye