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  • Instrument list for Percussions

    Hello  again everybody

    few month ago I have found a list of all instrument and variation for percussion in Vienna speciual editio Std amd Plus

    but now I cannot find it anymore

    some of you can tell me where I can find the instrument list of percussion?

    thank  you  so much in advance

  •  Hi Vasa!

    It is under sample content link on the product webpage:

    More details can also be found in the library manual

    Best regards


  • Hi Gabriel and thank for your answer,

    I was meaning the position on the keyboard

    for example the snare drum has different sounds and I would like to  know how they are mapped on keybord

    I have with me only the booklet of Vienna plus and I did not find anything ???

    where am I wrong?

  • - Page 51 and following

    Best regards


  • Yeahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you  so much !!!!!!!!!

  • also with Dynamic values!!!

    Great !!

    do you this I can use thie values for Xfade?