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  • MIR Konzerthaus ("Standard") RoomPack V2

    An important note to all MIR users: Due to an error on our side the new version 2 of the Konzerthaus (a.k.a. "Standard") RoomPack wasn't available for quite some time in the User Area. If you downloaded this RoomPack recently it is very likely that you still are using the legacy version 1. Since today, Konzerthaus V2 is available for download.

    We are sorry for the confusion this might have caused. Thanks to the users who called our attention to this error!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Does this apply to the MIR SE 'standard' roompack as well Dietz?  

  •  No, those files were already updated in February.

    Best regards, Florian