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  • Newbie questions on Ensemble Pro

    Hi all, just installed VEP today and right away I have some questions: My Vienna Ensemble application folder doesn't have a Vienna Ensemble "Server" option, rather a Vienna Ensemble "Service." Are these the same? The reason I'm asking this is because when I do open this "service" window, which looks like the "server" window, it does not have the "add" and "delete" options on the bottom like you see in the tutorial movie. Which brings me to the next issue. When I have the VEP window open, in the tutorial video, when right clicking (or control clicking) on the side, an option comes up to open a "VSTi" instrument, e.g. Spectrasonics etc. However, when I attempt to do the same in my VEP window, it only allows me to open a new VSL instrument, but no "VSTi" option even appears. Is it something in preferences? What's going on here? I have a bunch of NI, Spectrasonics and EW stuff which I cant seem to open in VEP. Thanks for your help.

  •  Make sure you open 32bit plugs in the 32bit VE Pro and 64bit plugs in the 64bit VE Pro.


  • Thanks for you reply DG. That's the thing, I can't even get to choose a plug. I open a 64-bit instance of VEP and I want to open a 64-bit Spectrasonics in it. I don't even have the option anywhere to open a VSTi. How weird is that? There must be something very basic that I am missing.

  • You are opening VE, not VE Pro. VE has the local VE Service application, where VE Pro has the local/networked VE Pro Server application. Perhaps you have installed the wrong application?

  • Oh my, I am so embarrassed. Indeed you are right Karel, I did install Vienna Ensemble and not Vienna Ensemble Pro. I knew there was something very basic I was missing, but had no idea how basic it really was ; ) I installed directly from the website (as opposed to the disc I bought) and clicked on the wrong logo. I guess it didn't occur to me there was such thing as a Vienna Ensemble (without the "Pro"). Oh well, you live and learn. All is good now. But while we are on the subject, not that it matters that much, but is there a way to uninstall Vienna Ensemble so I won't have the entire Vienna Ensemble folder in my Application folder? I really only need the Ensemble Pro, or do I need Vienna Ensemble as well for any reason I am not aware of? Thanks a bunch.

  • Hi oravhon,

    You can go ahead and "just" use VE PRO, it can do everything ( and much more) that VE can do!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL