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  • Vienna ensemble pro no midi/ audio response


    I just bayed the Vienna ensemble pro due to the fact that I don't need to use a sound card on my slaves pc.But at this moment, it seems not to work for me.

    This is my configuration:

    Holst pc:
    Protools 9
    Vienna ensemble pro 64bit
    Sound card digi 003 rack

    Slave PC 1:
    Vienna ensemble pro 64bit slave
    E&W play edition
    No sound card installed. Thesound card (mother board) is out.

    Slave PC 2:
    Vienna ensemble pro 64bit slave
    Kontakt 4
    No sound card installed. Thesound card (mother board) is out.

    Issue: I load VEPRO 64bit slave on my slave pc's.

    Then I load VEPRO in protools and via network both slaves pc's (64bit).

    Start E&W play in VEPRO mix as VST instrument, but strange enough, I can't get any midi signal coming in the VE mix. Also audio is not coming out.

    On preference in the VEPRO mix (slave pc), I don't any midi or audio in/output.
    Did somebody have faced this kind of problem in the pas also? It is really frustrating, because I have lost 3 evenings already and I am getting now where!

    Do I have to install the sound card which is integrated in the mother board in order to solve the above issue?

    Hope that anyone may have any experience herewith.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

  • sound card or no on the slaves simply doesn't enter into this, it won't help or harm you, there is something else wrong with your setup.