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  • Solo Violin v. Solo Violin+

    I have Vienna Special Edition and Vienna Special Edition Plus. In Matrix Assign, under Solo Strings, I see: 01S Solo violin 01S Solo violin + There are similar entries for Viola and Cello. Question: Can I assume these two are the same but that the + has more articulations? If so, I will ignore the one without the +. If, on the other, they are different samples, then I may use both to create a more diverse sound. Thanks.

  • The articulations under the + are entirely different... they contain all the SE Plus articulations, but not the standard ones.  You will need to use both sets.

  • Thanks. That's good news since it is always good to have more sounds.

  • No, this is wrong! The + matrices of the SE contain ALL articulations of both the SE and the SE+, while the matrices without + only contain ALL the articulations of the SE alone. For example, the staccato from the Solo Violin matrix is the same staccato as in the Solo Violin + matrix.

  • Sorry, my bad... when I read the post I accidently skipped over the word "matrix".

  • OK, thanks