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  • VE Pro Sync Tempo with Cubase 5 ?

    Hi there, Is there any way to synchronise the tempo of my Kontakt "Hollywoodwinds" and my PLAY "Hoolywood Strings" (mesured tremolo) with Cubase 5 ? I'm on Windows 7 64bits and I run PLAY and Kontakt through the VE Pro Server 64bits in one VE Pro instance. Am I missing something ? All the best, Ben

  • Tempo syncing happens automatically, unless you are using a very old version of VE Pro perhaps?

  • Well, in fact it works miracles !!! HS Measured Tremolos are perfectly tempo synchronized with Cubase, and Hollywoodwinds just needed to activate a button. Sorry Readers for wasting your time, but at least you know that's working ! All the best, Ben