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  • Cubase 5.5.3 not sending controller data to Ensemble Pro...

    I'm using Cubase 5.5.3 on a mac, with Ensemble Pro (latest version). Everything was working fine, but I loaded up a project today to work on it, and "unfroze" one of the ensemble instruments, with everything correctly loaded in VEP, and everything was WAY off - and I finally figured out that none of my recorded controller data - sliders etc - was being sent to Ensemble anymore. It is still in the track in Cubase, and if I record enable the midi track, I can play notes on my keyboard ok but none of the controller data is being sent to VEP anymore... Even when I closed everything down, restart the computer, the problem remains - it seems like the project is "crashed" with no way to get it to restore sending the controller data through even though it is correctly recorded in the midi tracks. Now I can't make any changes to the project without re-recording all those controller parts again!!

    Is this a common thing? I believe I have everything up to date... ?

    Are people finding that Cubase 6 is more reliable by the way?