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  • INSP:IR or FORTI for Vienna Suite ?

     Well, I figured it was time to add some more impulses for my Vienna Suite reverb. I have discarded Numerical Sounds SERTI, as not for me, but can anyone recommend between INSP:IR or FORTI, or is there a valid point in owning both of them?

    The demos don't really make one sound better than the other, and I am edging towards INSP:IR, but maybe someone can offer some advice in this area?

  • Hello Andyjh

    I can speak about the INSP:IR

    These IRs are a real addition to the IRs which are coming with the SUITE.

    Even if all the IRs are different they never sound bad or with a negative coloured tail.

    If you are interested in long tailed IRs you will be very happy with these IRs.

    But the library also contains some IRs of smaller rooms such as the Bartok Concert hall (my favourite).

    Further: This Bartok Concert Hall comes with a huge amount of different IRs so that you are able to place the instruments in far and close positions without any problem.

    Nevertheless, the Library is not cheap but it is worth the price in my opinion.

    As you certainly know: I've produced some sound examples. You can listen to them at...

    And a last word: Since I have the INSP:IRs together with the original SUITE IRs I've never used Altiverb anymore...!?

    Compared to the INSP:IRs/SUITE IRs Altiverb often sounds cheesy, nasally or with any other colour.

    Sometimes you also have problems with the phase (correlation) with Altiverb but not with the INSP:IRs

    If you buy the SERTI/FORTI you also get some filter-ajdustments - applied by the convolution effect.

    This you don't get with INS:IR

    But as I mentioned: I don't own the SERTI/FORTI.

    Maybe an owner of them can publish some demos... It would be interesting to listen to those IRs as well.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":