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  • Somebody use Vdrums with VEpro??

    Hi, For this moment I use Mainstage with SD2 and buffer 32 and its confortable for the drummer (around 8milliseconds). I use TD9 KX. My question in a Live configuration: With VEpro and two computers master/slave can I put also the latency at 32?? Thanks

  • Sorry if I dont explain nicely. Do you think at this latency Buffer 32 I can run Superior Drummer and Kontakt 4. For exemple: SD (For the Edrum) And Two Keyboards with Kontakt. On the slave My Macpro you see on signature. Let me know Thanks

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    Hi p.pan,

    You should try with the free demo license of VE PRO (click "try").

    All you need is a ViennaKey or a Steinberg key to store your demo license.

    Would be cool if you let us know how that worked for you.I guess we don´t have a lot of drummers in this forum...



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for your reply. I didnt download yet but I follow the forum and I am very interress. I wait for changing My G5. But in general how works VEpro with the lowest Latency??? In my case Buffer 32. Thanks again