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  • (solved?) Help! Suddenly doubled notes

    EDIT: I think what I am hearing is phasing caused by using Vel XF and having my slider set to a middle position. I was working with my .viframes and changing all my presets so that I can switch matrices using program changes rather than keyswitches. All of a sudden some of my existing instruments are playing 2 notes in unison. When I create a new VI everything is normal. Did I press something? I restarted both my master and slave computers and it didn't work.

  • PS I am working with VI Pro in VEP Pro Standalone. And yes I have checked to see that the instruments are not being routed to another audio output. If I duplicate the channel the effect continues. If I copy one of the matrices to a new instrument then the problem is fixed. The effect seems to be tied to the channel, not the matrix.