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  • How many Midi Ports / Audio Ports does 1 RTAS VEP PLugin allow

    Hi folks, Au is currently at the limit of 1 Midi Port and 16 Outputs. VST 3 has 128 Audio Audio Ports and much more than only 1 Midi Ports. How does this situation look like with RTAS ? Furthermore - did somebody change from Cubase 5 to Pro Tools 9. Pro Tools looks interesting with the integrated Sib Score Editor ... Any user exprience with Pro Tools & VEP for scoring to picture ? (any similar Keysiwtch features ala Expression Maps or Time Warp features for aligning tempo and bars to cues ? ) Thanks, cheers lokotus

  • Pro Tools is able to handle up to 16 MIDI ports and theoretically any amount of audio ports, so the situation is similar to VST3 there.