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  • Full Orchestral Reverb & Timbral Impulses (FORTI) - Any Good Feedback


    Has anyone had any experience using the "Full Orchestral Reverb & Timbral Impulses (FORTI)" package within Vienna Suite? I've listened to the demos, but it's difficult to get a good idea of how these responses compare to the ones that come with Vienna Suite.

    Does anyone use this FORTI response, and if so, would you recommend it for that fuller, lusher Hollywood sound?

  • Hi corte1,

    I've used it a lot with various VSL instrument groups - smoothing out the Chamber Strings, adding depth to the percussion and mallets (extremely helpful here) and with positioning various woodwinds more toward the back of the orchestral  stage.  Generally I use the ER's and Film EQ'a & Tilts. Of course, you would follow this up with another reverb of your choosing.

    With the low percussion I also add the (very usable) presets from Vienna Suite's EQ and Compressor. The FORTI ER's then add a good depth. It' s kept me from buying other percussion libraries for quite some time. I do have the SAM percussion libraries but with this setup I never seem to find a spot for them any more.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks Jack - sounds like you've definitely found added benefit from the FORTI impulses. I'll give them a try.