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  • Using templates with MIR SE

    Okay, I made the plunge and bought MIR SE.  I am enjoying the sound, but still cannot load templates.  When I try to open one of the templates--string quartet, small orchestra, etc-- MIR gives me the message "could not load the project file....." The requested venue "Vienna Konzerthaus Mozartsal" could not be found.Please be sure that you have insstalled the according room pack and set the path to the room pack files (*.vmi) properly. 

    I think this mght have something to do with the fact that the requested venue shows up in MIR as "Vienna Konzerthaus Mozartsal v2".  If I have set the path incorrectly, would I still be able to select the venue from the MIR select venue button?  What is the correct path?

  • Have you already installed the actual RoomPack?

    If so, MIR should know about it's file path. You can check it in MIR's preferences: Options > Preferences > "General" Tab > "MIR Data (*.vmi-files)". It's on page 29 of the MIR Manual.

    You should see all installed Venues in MIR's Room Editor window. It's covered in depth on p. 46 ff of the MIR Manual.

    BTW - I would'n rely too much on other people's "Templates". Doing your own setup within MIR is easy, straight-forward, and it's fun, too. ;-)


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library