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  • VI Pro won't open in Logic Pro...just spinning beach ball

    Subject says it all. VI pro will open as standalone and VE pro will open from within Logic Pro. I have tried reinstalling VI pro and Logic but the problem remains. Does anyone have a possible solution or explanation?

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    Hi smallfry,

    Please make sure you´re using the latest eLCC and the latest version of ALL VSL Software.

    We have updated the copy protection, so all parts (protection software and the protected software) need to be updated! After this, please restart your computer, and everything should work just fine!

    Of course you´ll need a license (demo or permanent) available on your ViennaKey to use VI PRO.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    I've tried all of your suggestions and I still have the same problem. I'm desperate for a solution.

  • Hi again,

    That´s strange. A few questions for you:

    1) Did you "repair permissions" on your system HD lately (in "DiskUtility")?

    2) Do you see your ViennaKey including the licenses in your eLicenser Control Center?

    3) Did you try to uninstall all VSL software, then install the newest versions again?

    4) Does the stand-alone software work?

    5) Does this also happen when you load a new, empty song?

    Thanks for your answers in advance, 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • 1. Yes I have repaired permissions on my system HD 

    2. Yes I see my Vienna key including licences in my eLicenser control center

    3. Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled VI Pro VE Pro and eLicenser control center.

    4. The standalone software still works without problem.

    5.Yes the problem still happens when I load a new empty song as soon as I try to select a VI Pro Audio Unit.

    As you can see I have followed all of your suggestions and the problem remains.

    Would you like me to send the error report from when I have to force quit Logic Pro? 

    PS. Thanks for your quick responses to this problem. Much appreciated

  • I should add that when I open a song in Logic Pro that already includes an instance of  VI Pro the VI Pro is playable but Logic Pro freezes if I try to open that instance of VI Pro.

  • Hi smallfry,

    Yes, please send the crash report to , I wonder what´s causing this!

    Thanks for your patience,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL