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  • Saving Vienna Ensemble Instances in DAW

    I'm planning to switch to Vienna Ensemble to host my plugins..mainly East West Play, Kontakt, and Omnisphere. Currently, I save the whole session in one go, whether it be in Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools. Will I have to save each sessions twice with Vienna Ensemble or does it total recall with my DAW? I really need some clarification on this before I purchase. Any help will be absolutely appreciated.

  • Hello Jblongz,

    Your sessions are saved with your sequencer projects (unless you are using VE PRO in Decouple Mode).

    I see that you have downloaded one VE PRO license onto an eLicenser key already, I´ll send another demo license to your registered email address, so you can check it out once again.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks! Though I didn't get a chance to run that demo (because I sold my macbook air), I'm buildling a new PC and will purchase Ensemble Pro within a week.. I have another question... Since I get three licences, can I put them all on one key until I decide I need more keys?


  • I figured it out.  VE Pro is AMAZING.  

  • Hi Paul, I recently purchased Vienna Instruments and I was wondering if you could recommend a website where I could download some quick set ups to get me started? Or perhaps you have set up configuration which end users can copy to speed up the initial process. Point me in the right direction please! Regards, Domenic Cicchetti