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  • Vienna Suite Teldex Studio Berlin

    Any chance of VSL updating VS to include a one mic IR (well a general 'tree' distance and a 'spot' distance would be ideal!) from the Teldex Studio Berlin MIR set as per the Konzerthaus presets? And the other newer MIR rooms?

    Or failing that... a chance to pay for a download? 

    I can't afford the PC to run MIR at the moment but it'd be nice to have some of those clean sounding IRs in the VS Convo!  

    Just a thought

  • Great idea, I would highly welcome this addition!

    I can see that maybe there would be a technical or marketing challenge to this, than again it it would be a great teaser to get folks with smaller systems (and impatient mac users for the meantime…) to turn them into future addicts of the MIR project…

  • Ha ha - and so there it is. The new VS update was the answer

    Cheers VSL!!!